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Many of us are living just trying to figure out how to survive. Is that really enough for this beautiful life we’ve been given? I would emphatically argue that it’s not. And I want to show you not how to survive, but how to thrive in your life. 

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The Top 7 Well-Being Myth-Busters

Throughout my own well-being life journey, I have heard a lot – some good, some bad, some simply untrue. From what I’ve learned, I understand that a person’s reactions are based solely only on where they are in their own journeys. It could be the level of knowledge they have about a particular subject, or lack thereof, or a fear of the unknown. But when it comes to preconceptions about well-being, there are seven specific myths that need some immediate attention.


Because I believe in education and the accumulation of knowledge, it’s probably no surprise that I love dictionaries! Yes, I said it – I really love dictionaries! So, that’s where I’ll start. Merriam-Webster defines well-being as a state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous.


Think about that for a minute. It’s not a thing, it’s not a specific sense, it’s not a certain time. It’s a “state of being.” So, when people think they are living a well-being life because they have Self-Care Sundays, or write in a journal, or get their nails done, or take a bath, they’re not getting the complete picture. While those things may make you happy (I know they make me happy), there’s much more to it. As things that make you happy, they can contribute to your well-being, but they do not define it.


So, let’s bust the seven biggest Well-Being Myths out there, one at a time!

The Well-Done Life Process

Well-Being Life – Your Well-Being Intentions

1. Go Deep
2. Make A Commitment
3. Get To Work
4. Magic Happens

The Well-Done Life

The Well-Done Life is a world-renowned well-being brand that will touch women throughout the world by igniting their spiritual, mental, and physical gifts and strengths for intentional living on their terms, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or environment.