The Light Nation Tribe

I’m going to get foundational again and go back to my favorite dictionary, Merriam-Webster. Light is defined in many ways, including “something that makes vision possible” and “spiritual illumination.” How about even more foundational in the Bible itself. “And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness cannot overcome it!” John 1:5. 


When I was thinking about our tribe, I couldn’t help but think of the word light and those definitions and verse. Everything I do is about love and light, and I want to share it with all of you. Then I get to see all of you going out there and illuminating the world with your own light. Nothing gives me greater pleasure. And your illumination will inspire others to get clear and see that a well-done life is possible. 


When you are a member of Light Nation, you are a part of a real crew. This is not just focused on comments and likes on social media. It is about unending support.  


I also realized that this presents a unique opportunity to recognize the fantastic women we see in the world who are inspiring others and providing light to those around them. So, I recognize members of Light Nation weekly on my podcast. We have a real, intentional conversation about the great things they are doing. I want to talk to people who are on a journey, and who are honest and intentional with their purpose and messaging. I want to hear how they overcame adversity and challenges and celebrate them for it.  


I will choose a member of Light Nation or take your recommendations for someone you think I should recognize and spotlight. We’ll chat on the podcast and shine the bright social media spotlight on them as well. Let’s share positivity together. 


Simply, Light Nation is a place to be inspired and to give inspiration to others. It is about connection and recognizing those who are out there living their truths. It is about cultivating the atmosphere YOU want. It is never about superficiality or selfishness. It is about love, inspiration, connection, and LIGHT! 

The Pivot Queen

Yvette Weir is a Dentist and graduate of Howard, currently working at a Dental Clinic for the underserved in Maryland.

  • Author of The Relationship Playbook for Women found on Etsy.
  • Entrepreneur with a Retreat and Event Business for Women and Men who are Wild @Heart.
  • Motivational speaker and Life Coach (John Maxwell Certified).
  • Investor in People, Ideas, and Property.
  • Intellectual Curiosity for life, athlete, and traveler (Dr. Weir lived in many countries over the past few decades for a month to years at a time).
  • Passionate about love, Empowering Women, and her faith.


Dr. Shalonna Battle is a women’s health nurse practitioner with over 13 years of clinical and nursing experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Florida Memorial University and a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Miami. A Master of Science degree in nursing from Frontier University and a doctoral of nursing practice degree from Florida Atlantic University. Although school has played a significant role in her success as a clinician, the hands-on clinical experience has groomed her into the healthcare provider she is today.

The Overcomer & For The Love of You: Self-Love Real Talk

Crissy Diaz is a faith-filled, multi-faceted, passionate goofball. She used to be a content creator in the earlier days of social media, and now her passions lie in the realm of Real Estate. She is currently working as an Escrow Officer and studying to become a real estate agent while living in sunny Florida. Crissy is a huge mental health advocate and hopes to one day become a pillar for those who need the space to feel safe and supported. She hopes to bring peace, love, and laughter to any room she enters.


Tennille Martinez is a hopeless lover of the written word, a passionate educator, and a visionary entrepreneur. She believes in the power of words and in motivating those around her to achieve their greatest potential. She accomplishes this through coaching and mentoring clients, an extensive educational career, and her upcoming podcast – The Book Advantage. When she’s not conquering her little intersection of the world, she loves journaling, traveling, and climbing mountains.

The Pursuit of Wellness and Wanderlust

Valerie Moses is the founder of Wellness & Wanderlust, a blog and podcast focused on demystifying wellness trends and sharing practical tips for creating your best life. She began her career in community engagement and public relations in 2013 after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida, where she later earned her MBA. Now based in Sanford, Florida, Valerie loves to help busy professionals prioritize wellness and self-care through Wellness & Wanderlust. Her writing has been featured in The Financially Independent Millennial, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Insight Magazine, LifeStyleBody, and much more. When she isn’t at a community event or cheering on the UCF Knights, Valerie can be found exploring the hidden gems of Central Florida.

Just Keep Going

Born in Puerto Rico, Stefania Rolon decided to step out of her comfort zone and pursue her dreams. On January 12, 2018, her father, who was and will be her greatest source of inspiration, took her to the airport and, with his blessing, allowed her to venture and grow not only professionally but spiritual growth and maturity and cultivate her self-love. In these three years living in Florida, she has had the opportunity to meet people who have contributed to her growth with their advice. This trip has been an adventure in which she has been able to realize how strong and brave she is and that life is to live intensely as if it were the last day of our lives. His greatest passion is to continue living intensely, to be a source of inspiration for others as my father was with me. Finally, something my father told me is the following: “Dreams are realities when they are harvested with determination, responsibility, and honesty.” Through him, I learned what it is to live in gratitude and to value the gift of being alive. My life will be a tribute to him—my great friend and best father, grateful to God for allowing me to be his daughter.


Currently, Stephanie is pursuing her Ph.D. in Strategic Media and living her life one day at a time.

The Intentionally Disruptive Warrior

Sili Recio is a world-renowned murderer of Calatheas. Currently, weeds are growing in her garden bed where lettuce should be. But this does not deter her relentless spirit from having countless plants within her home and an extensive collection of seeds and several herbs in her backyard. They sprout magically without being planted, possibly because of Sili’s love of herbs and medicinal properties. Conjurer of Brujeria & Brews Apothecary, Sili aims to restore our ancestral roots of herbal healing and connections.

Who Are You? Defining Your Personal Brand

Diane Diaz has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, with years of experience in branding, marketing, and public speaking. Diane is a Speaking Coach and Personal Brand Strategist with Speaking Your Brand®. Diane regularly speaks on personal branding, LinkedIn strategy, and women’s empowerment. She is also an Ironman triathlete and enjoys fitness and listening to podcasts.

The Queen is Here

Queen LaLa is the host and reigning Queen of The Palenque Podcast. Queen LaLa is a griot or storyteller (see Palenque Podcast Episode 6-The Grio), preserving and passing down history and knowledge. As an educator herself, she recognized the miseducation and lack of education of the history of People of Color. As well as the damaging role this plays in reinforcing racism and stereotypes while also desensitizing others to historical inequities that are still manifested today. Queen LaLa’s lessons enlighten and inspire fellow Palenqueros to become voices for change. Mix together Social Justice, Black History, Hip-Hop & some Miami 808s, and you’ve entered The Palenque! Get to know Queen LaLa and visit The Palenque,, Where Voices for Change Gather! #ThePalenquePodcast

Money, Power, Respect

Lesley Batson launched Rebel Rock Wealth, a strategic financial consulting firm that teaches independent thinking professionals and small business owners the WHOLE truth about money and helps them implement strategies to control and build the wealth style they desire. Lesley is licensed in several states and virtually meets with clients from Florida to California. She loves Hamilton the Musical, playing golf, and taking up space on the beach.

The Power of Conversations

Tee-Ta Walker

“I am a native of Seattle, Washington, currently residing in Orlando, Florida.


I am involved with Inspiring Greatness – ‘being better than normal’ ( In addition, as regards to race, having courageous conversations. I have a podcast for that: However, I’m a Brand Strategist for my ‘day’ profession with my Branding Boutique Agency, Tee-Ta Walker & Associates (


I love to read inspiring or growth-enhancing materials. And, I’m all for spending quality time with people I genuinely care about. Whether in the gym, walking outdoors, or cycling/spinning, I’m also active. And my favorite thing to do is travel and visit unique restaurants.”

The Power of Conversations

Tiffany Scott has always been driven to deliver more. More effervescence, more initiative, more success.


The Australian native honed her skills working as a Brand and Marketing Director for international powerhouse brands, re-injecting life and vibrancy into a household name as iconic as Speedo.


She left the corporate world to follow her passion – community building. Her strength is identifying and fostering the DNA of local and global communities. That has become her superpower. You hold the KEY, but she’s here to empower you to unlock it and take the next steps for greater impact.


She is an entrepreneur, sisterhood advocate, co-founder of the podcast Conversations with A Black Girl and A White Girl, and founder of the You Me She Collective The common factor? Everything she does is with her soul. |

Influence and Intention

Whitney Gonzalez is an Influencer Coach and Social Media Strategist based in Salt Lake City, UT. In the past decade, she has worked in both public and private sectors in a public relations and social media capacity and, in 2019, founded her social media and influencer marketing agency. Whitney shares content focused on influencer marketing, self-development, and entrepreneurship through her social media presence and podcast.

Round The Way Girl

Sharema T. Parham is a local professional service business owner. With over 20 years of customer excellence expertise, her company STP Mills and Company Inc, has spent the past 8+ years providing work from home, customer excellence support for professionals looking for flexibility in their work, and financial freedom. Sharema is a mother of 2 young adults, and she loves to travel, spend time with family, and has a passion for service.


Website –
Phone: 321-696-2237
Email: [email protected]

Young Life Interrupted

Adrienne Glusman is a professional speaker, ambassador, and advocate on the topic of Millennial Caregiving, sharing her story and journey as an only-child caregiver to her mom, Hetty, who passed away in 2020 after living with Multiple System Atrophy since 2010. Adrienne’s story as Hetty’s caregiver was featured in a Wall Street Journal article, ‘The Call To Care for Aging Parents Comes Sooner Now.’ Her story has also been featured in Health magazine, Toronto Sun, and, to name a few. In addition to keynoting national conferences for Leading Age, National Church Residences, and the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition, Adrienne has also been involved with various caregiving campaigns, including serving as a caregiver ambassador for EMD Serono’s Embracing Carers, Leading Age’s ‘Carry the Convo’ and The Scan Foundation’s ‘Do You Give a Care.’ You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @younglifeinterrupted, or subscribe to her podcast, Young Life Interrupted, where she lends a voice to her journey so other young caregivers can feel seen, heard, and supported.

You are Extraordinary

Life Strategist, International Certified Coach, wife, and mother of 4, Rebecca Jean Baptiste serves people to excel by helping them prepare effective planning for their extraordinary lives. Connect with her in all things task management and create unique productivity in your life.

Ready To Transform

Shannon Green is a mom to two young daughters, Sydney and Eman, and wife to a local business owner and community organizer, Emory Green Jr.


She is also an Emmy-award-winning journalist and communications professional with over 15 years of experience in newspapers, multimedia, television, and corporate communications.


Before joining the communications team at AdventHealth, Green spent over a decade writing impactful columns about criminal justice reform, race and social justice, and mental health issues in Central Florida.


She also served as one of four African American female sports columnists in the country from 2007 to 2014. Sports, social justice, and overall wellness are of particular interest to Shannon as she also happens to be the great-niece of Olympic track icon Jesse Owens.


Shannon also leads a health and wellness community focused on creating simple solutions for busy women who want to improve, achieve or maintain healthy lifestyles.

Welcome To The Self Care Suite

Tara Pringle Jefferson is a writer, speaker, and self-care coach with a lifelong passion for creating community. Her voice and work have been featured in Essence, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, The Grio, Babble, Buzzfeed, New York magazine, and Sirius XM radio. In 2018 she won the Lady of Legacy award from the nonprofit Limitless Ambition for her work in wellness and community building. Two years prior, she was recognized by Kent State University as a distinguished alumna. She runs a private coaching group, the Self-Care Suite, now more than 1,000 members strong. In the group, she challenges women to not only take inventory of their lives but to make long-lasting, sustainable changes with the support of the larger community behind them.

The Rose That Grew Out of Concrete

Maya Dunn is a well-versed fashion and personal brand strategist with philanthropic ambitions. Her love for timeless fashion and people stemmed from her fearless and charming grandmother, Daisy Louise, who dressed with ritzy flair. As a girl, Maya found herself mesmerized with the beauty and confidence birthed from fashionable attire. Upon discovering her enthusiasm and gift for polishing images through fashion, she created a virtual platform to reach individuals outside of her circle who could benefit from her support and services.


Maya has developed her principles from “poverty to podium” philosophy. Being a tenacious woman from the mean streets of Norfolk, VA, she understands the struggle of being hungry, homeless, and poor. However, her determined spirit bore a fieriness that has enabled her to strive and fight for her dreams. With this tenacity, she desires to reach those who are sometimes seen as unreachable, those like her who are determined to thrive beyond their circumstances.


As the founder of Style Delegate, Maya’s interest is to captivate and inspire her audience to walk in their purpose. This opportunity truly blesses her, and she doesn’t take it lightly. Her goal is to impact, inspire and improve as many as she can with what she can. She is humbled at the opportunity to capture an unlimited audience, as foreseen by her mother in her earlier years. Maya is a budding force in the blogging industry. She is a beautiful storm on the horizon to sweep across the regional, national, and international planes.


Maya resides in Orlando, FL, with her husband, their three beautiful children, and their puppy Blu, where all her inspirational magic happens.