The Three “O”s

Overwhelmed? Overstimulated? Overcommitted?

Many of us are living just trying to figure out how to survive. Is that really enough for this beautiful life we’ve been given? I would emphatically argue that it’s not. And I want to show you not how to survive, but how to thrive in your life.


We are all on a journey. And each day, each hour, is different. We must expect the unexpected – and that’s okay. But what you will learn will help you move through life and all of its unexpected challenges with more ease and more confidence than ever before. 

While you have all the knowledge and keys to do this already deep inside you, I can give you the tools to learn how. There are others out there doing the same things you are doing, and still thriving in their lives. You can do it too. You will learn how to utilize and leverage techniques to thrive in your own well-done life. 


I got my life together after profound tragedy. I lost my dad and became the primary caregiver to my mom, in addition to already being the caregiver to my sister. But through that difficult time, I grew. I evolved into the person I needed to be – the person I am today.  


This is a commitment. A 365-day-a-year commitment. To yourself. And I will be right here with you on your journey, taking each step together. There are power in numbers, and I want to be that power source for you! 


We can, and will, thrive together.  


As for me, I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you. 

YOU are Equipped with Everything YOU Need!

It’s time for a change! Our Well-Done Life approach or framework focuses on your individual need and desires. We customize your plan – we don’t believe in a pre-template system. 

1:1 Intentions Session

Schedule a 1:1 intentions session. During this time, we talk about your goals and challenges. We then begin to craft a strategy based on your intentions, level of commitment, and objective.

Circle of Becoming

Join the ``Circle of Becoming,`` a small group of 10-12 like-minded women supporting each other on the journey.

Light Nation

Light Nation is a place to be inspired and to give inspiration to others. She will be chosen to be recognized and spotlighted across all TWDL platforms and media.

TWDL Podcast

Opportunities to heal buried wounds – Opportunities to learn from others' successes … and to learn from others' successes … and mistakes – Opportunities to grow our knowledge, resilience, and confidence.

One-on-One Well-Being Life – Your Well-Being Intentions

When you’re ready for a deeper connection … 

When you’re ready to get to the heart of the matter … 

When you’re ready to align your heart, mind, body, and soul … 

It’s time for us to connect through a one-on-one meeting and customized solution.  

As you may have guessed, the first thing we’ll do is set our intentions. And you don’t have to worry if you’re not sure what they are – that’s what I’m here for!

Let’s Go Deeper  

When you sign up, you’ll set an appointment with me for a needs assessment. I’ll ask you about your goals, what worked, and most importantly, what didn’t. Through your answers, I’ll be able to get a sense of where you are right now on your own unique journey (no two are quite the same). You may have thought you had one specific goal, but learn that when you tap into your intention behind that goal, you uncovered something much deeper. 

Let’s Make a Commitment 

After the needs assessment, we’ll set up our next steps. We work in tandem with a customized approach because, as with much in life, there is no “one-size-fits-all.” We’ll talk about strategies and the various paths available based on: 


  • what your specific goals look like,  
  • how you’re feeling, and  
  • your commitment level.  


These strategies will always come down to your commitment – whatever it is at that time (and it often changes through the process). We will continuously ensure that your goals align to your commitment level to help ensure your success in meeting those goals. This is all about winning, and a partnership to get there together. 

Let’s Get to Work 

After your intentions and commitment level are set, we get to work. We have a regular check-in process based on your communication preferences. As always, this in a no-judgment zone. Just clear, open space to connect, learn, and grow. We approach these sessions with an open heart and an open mind, and soon, we see the progress unfold as you take steps toward accomplishing your goal. 


After all, the past is in the past. All we can do now is move forward together. 


We’ve all experienced so much.


We’ve all fallen flat at times. 


We’ve all unintentionally created obstacles for ourselves. 


That’s okay. It’s about timing and commitment. When we look at what happened in the past as the opportunities they are, we can begin to understand the changes that need to be made in the future. You can become more intentional, so that you can achieve your goals. 


Let’s see what magic we can create together! 


As for me, I will be your cheerleader, motivator, and friend – always.

Circle of Becoming

Before I began my journey to live my best life, I was simply living a life – there was no “best” about it. I had lost myself in what seemed like an unending cycle of grief and struggles, desperate to find a way to stop swirling out of control and find some peace. I needed to figure out who I was. And being the perpetual student I am, I tried to find myself in between the pages of books, in classrooms, and through others around me. None of it worked (clearly). I was able to find small portions of myself here and there – what I liked and didn’t like, what resonated with me and what didn’t, but I did not yet become myself. 


Becoming myself would take much more. Who was I going to be moving forward? Life had changed me, as it changes all of us, and I would never be that person I was before again. That’s okay – that’s growth.  


I got quiet and I got intentional.  


And I knew that’s what others needed as well, but with the support of those who are on the same journey. Some are more comfortable doing this on their own, but others need some gentle guidance. And I wanted to be that support for them.  


So, I created the Circle of Becoming. 


Think about a circle for a minute. It’s whole, it has boundaries, it has support, it is all-encompassing. That’s exactly what the Circle of Becoming represents. 


We have a group of ten to twelve people to keep our circle small, tight, and intentional. Each person is on the same journey trying to define, and live, their best lives. Each person is trying to become who they were ordained and destined to be. We have one-on-one mentoring sessions, or as I like to call them, intention sessions, with a more individual dynamic to help reach their goals.  


I send morning newsletters, with various resources, to make sure everyone feels connected and supported each day. Our Circle also has its own private Facebook group, where we have a group session every two weeks. (We found that once a week is too much pressure, and this is never about pressure, but about supporting you to become more intentional.) In our live chat, we talk about what we are seeing and feeling, and how we are being supported. We hold each other accountable, not allowing the excuses of life to get in the way, and ask questions like, “What can I do differently to help myself?”  


This is as helpful to me as it is to you, as I need to remain continuously connected to your needs to support you the best way I can. 


Finally, we have quarterly meetups (in person or virtual, depending on those external factors out of our control) for a more intensive opportunity to provide the support you may need. 


You’ll also get some goodies and perks in the circle, but mostly you’ll get more of me and others like you who are going to encourage you every step of the way. Think a more individualized connection and more opportunities to grow. 


Think back to that circle and imagine it enveloping you in safety and protection. When we dig deep into our cores, into our heart centers, and when we are in the process of becoming who we are meant to be, we are very vulnerable. But when you’re in the circle, we got you – you are covered all 360 degrees!