TWDL Podcast

Welcome! Ten years ago, I had a vision – a vision where women could connect in authentic ways. After all, we are social by our very nature. We long for human connection. Yet, we often neither have the space, nor the self-permission, to connect socially. Sure, we may post all the best meals, views, and outfits on social media, but is that really connecting? When we truly connect, we talk about all the experiences we have had – the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Only in that way can we provide support to each other and practice authentic, empathetic connections – those from the very depths of our soul. 


Not being someone to ignore when the Universe is trying to tell me something, I started a podcast to create that space. You could say it has been a “Labor of Love” ten years in the making! My thought was that if we could share our experiences more openly, we could connect more powerfully. We could find motivation and inspiration in others’ stories, and motivate and inspire others with our own. 


This podcast provides opportunities through those connections – 


  • Opportunities to heal buried wounds 
  • Opportunities to learn from others’ successes … and mistakes 
  • Opportunities to grow our knowledge, resilience, and confidence 


Hearing other women’s stories over the past two years, seeing the light bulbs go off, and experiencing the connections being made have only increased my passion for maintaining and fiercely protecting this space. And, as such, we are now available on all streaming platforms. 


Join us to experience it for yourself. Simply submit a request to talk to us. Our first step is a preliminary interview, so I can make sure I understand how to support you best. Then, you’ll share your experiences on the podcast and begin to feel connections on another level yourself.  


As for me, I look forward to continuing to learn and grow right alongside you!