A Time for Resurrection and Revitalization

A Time for Resurrection and Revitalization

Welcome to episode 12. In this episode I talk about the meaning of resurrection, and how this is a time of revitalization for us. Outside of this being a time for us to create, this is a time for us to renew. This is a time where maybe we need to look at the challenging times that we’ve experienced and heal mentally.

We also need to look at how we can heal physically. This is truly a holistic time for us that will prepare us for the future.

Definition of resurrection (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
1a capitalized : the rising of Christ from the dead
b often capitalized : the rising again to life of all the human dead before the final judgment
c: the state of one risen from the dead
3Christian Science : a spiritualization of thought : material belief that yields to spiritual understanding

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