This week we’re welcoming Dr. Shalonna Battle to the podcast  Dr.  Battle is a women’s health nurse practitioner with over 13 years of clinical and nursing education experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Florida Memorial University, a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing from the University of Miami. a masters of science degree in nursing from Frontier University, and finally a doctoral of nursing practice degree from Florida Atlantic University. Although school has played a major role in her success as a clinician, it is the hands-on clinical experience that has really groomed her into the healthcare provider she is today.

She is experienced in caring for women across the lifespan. She manages all women’s health concerns which include, but not limited to common gynecological concerns and disorders, family planning and reproductive care, caring for women who are survivors of abuse and sexual assault, recurrent and chronic vaginal infections, perinatal care, and postmenopausal concerns.

Dr. Battle’s philosophy about healthcare is simple!

“When it comes to a woman’s body, she is the expert! “

A woman  has more knowledge than anyone else about the way her body feels, operates, and responds to environmental stimuli. Therefore, healthcare providers are only here to guide, while she leads the way to  her own wellness and happiness!

We’re talking about all the things related to women’s health. Let’s get into it.

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