Ending On A Good Note

Ending On A Good Note

This week we’re wrapping up January. We’re also talking about making sure that we don’t give up. This is a time to keep pushing towards our goals. We can’t run from the challenges any more. It’s time to go through and get through. We also talk about recognizing moments where we get reminders of all of the wonderful things that we’ve done. We’re still being blessed in the middle of the storms. We just need to be open to the “batteries” that come along to keep us going.

Things talked about in this week’s episode:

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Episode 94: Don’t Count Yourself Out: https://www.buzzsprout.com/851650/9917714-don-t-count-yourself-out.mp3?download=true

Right To Real Love Podcast w/ Jay Immanuel “Why Your Ex Keeps Coming Back”: https://youtu.be/I6b-ZqCYptU

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