For the Love of You: Self Love Real Talk

For the Love of You: Self Love Real Talk

This week we’re talking about “self-love”. Self-love is really challenging for women. But, for Black women it’s a totally different journey. So, this week I want to pull back the veil and have some real conversations around “self-love”.
Dr. Shalonna Battle: 
 Dr.  Battle is a women’s health nurse practitioner with over 13 years of clinical and nursing education experience. From the very young to the well seasoned, she is experienced in caring for women across the lifespan.She manages all women’s health concerns which include, but not limited to common gynecological concerns and disorders, family planning and reproductive care, and caring for women who are survivors of abuse and sexual assault.  She is the host of The Eavesdrop Podcast, which is a women’s health podcast that has a focus on educating and inspiring women to be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Email:  [email protected]
Podcast Website:
IG:  @Therealeavesdrop _podcast
FB:  Shalonna Battle

Crystal Diaz:
Crissy is a faith-filled, multi-faceted, passionate goofball. She used to be a content creator in the earlier days of social media and now her passions lie in the realm of Real Estate. Currently, working as an Escrow Officer and studying to become a real estate agent, while living in sunny Florida. Crissy is a huge mental health advocate and hopes to one day become a pillar for those who need the space to feel safe and supported. Her hope is to bring peace, love, and laughter to any room she enters.
Email: [email protected]
IG: @ justcrissyd

Kathlene Daniels:
IG:@ Keesha_d and @_Keeshas_journey_

Shannon Green:
Shannon Green is an Emmy-award winning journalist and communications expert with more than almost 20 years of professional experience in media, public affairs and digital marketing. After transitioning out of journalism, Shannon became a health care support professional helping to create and support digital strategies highlighting clinical expertise, research and innovation for a national health care system.
Email: [email protected]
IG: @iamshannongreen

Kati Pearson:
Kati Pearson decided to create the space she needed for self care during the 2020 shut down. The tumultuous  year  that included political unrest, social justice protests, and a world wide pandemic, left her anxious and unable to access the one place she used to go to seek rejuvenation, the spa. This led to the creation of The Rose Gold Experience, which evolved to be a space for not just her but others that needed a refuge and space to seek self care. She has since created a self care custom product line and specializes in steam therapy for relaxation and rejuvenation. You can follow her on Instagram @TheRoseGoldSpa or visit the website for products and additional information.

Tee-Ta Walker, Founder of Tee-Ta Walker & Associates, LLC (, a Creative and Analytical Brand Strategist, helps businesses build a brand that connects, relates, and achieves marketplace influence. Along with Tee-Ta owning her own business, breaking down barriers, discrimination and stereotypes is dear and near to Tee-Ta.. Tee-Ta
co-hosts a podcast/videocast with Tiffany Scott, Conversations with Tee-Ta & Tiffany: A Black Girl & A White Girl Having Real Conversations.  (