Grace and Accountability

Grace and Accountability

Are you tired of 2022 already? If so, then this episode is for you. This week we’re talking about why we need to give ourselves a break.  There’s a lot going on in the streets, and we need to make sure we’re prioritizing our peace and energy. So, this week let’s get real about what we need to do to make sure we make it. We’re only 16 days in, so we need get real quick. Let’s talk about it!!

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Tips to help you give yourself grace and accountability: 

  1. Check in with yourself about how you’re feeling: Make sure you stay aware of your moods and energy.
  2. Take a moment to “sit your butt down”: It’s ok to say “no” to events and/or people. If you need a break, take that break. Give yourself what you need.
  3. Give yourself permission to say “no”: Again, it’s ok to not be everything to everyone. Figure out how to be what you need for yourself. Give yourself permission to do what you can. Our best will fluctuate based on how we’re feeling.
  4. Give yourself permission to “pivot”: Things aren’t always go as planned. That’s ok. It will get done. It just may not be in the timeframes we thought it would. That’s ok. What’s for you won’t miss you.
  5. Create space and room for moments to engage with people or things that bring you joy. 
  6. Celebrate ALL of the accomplishments: Everything you do is worth recognizing. Don’t just talk about the things that didn’t happen. Celebrate the things that did happen. Those wins will keep you going.
  7. Speak to yourself with love and encouragement: Speak to yourself with the same love that you give to other people. Grace and empathy are for you too!!

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