Necessary Goodbyes

Necessary Goodbyes

It’s the last episode of 2021. It’s time for my rest. So, I wanted to take it very “foundational”. Let’s talk about the time that we’re in, and let’s talk about the things we’re leaving in 2021. It’s time for “necessary goodbyes” before we step into our season of “unending abundance”. Let’s talk about it!!

Meaning of 91:

Here are some of the things I’m leaving in 2021.

  1. Overthinking:  I’ve finally realized that I’m equipped to handle anything that comes my way. I’ve learned to give myself space to process and keep going. Overthinking only leads to overreacting, and that’s negative to my health and peace of mind.
  2. Not prioritizing  my peace and health (mental and physical): Life is too short not to take care of yourself on all levels. We have to stop treating ourselves like less than. We have to prioritize us above all things. That’s not selfishness, that’s self-love. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for that any longer.
  3. Not prioritizing my time: Time management is really important to me. Time is the one commodity that we can never get back. Don’t ever feel guilty about taking solo time for yourself. Or removing yourself from situations that don’t add value. That’s it!
  4. Living in atlhleisure wear: Yep, I said it. I miss getting cute. So, I’m leaving too much athelisure in 2021. I’m pretty fashionable when I want to be. So, I’m bringing back the fashions. This is going to be my #finerthanfroghairyear , so it’s on!!
  5. Regrets: I’ve been good about not holding on to the things that didn’t work out. But, I like to remind myself of this to make sure I stay connected to the right thoughts. It’s easy to let negative thoughts slip in, so you have to constantly work on ensuring that you let go of the struggles and learn for your next level.
  6. Not sharing my emotions: You have to let people know that you love them. You also have to realize that you have the discernment to know who deserves to hear that, and who doesn’t. Simply put, everyone doesn’t deserve your love. But, you know who does. Don’t let your fears hold you back from sharing and receiving the love and support you need/deserve. Be open!
  7. Not dreaming big: I’ve learned that if my dreams don’t scare me, it’s not big enough. Dream big and be prepared to receive your blessings. It may not come when you want it too. But, if you’re intentional and do the work, it will come right on time.

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