Never Would’ve Made It

Never Would've Made It

This week I’m sharing my gratitude for making it to 70 episodes! We’re also talking about the lessons that need to be learned during this pivotal time. This is a time for achieving great things while embracing the blessings that are around us during this time. It’s all about the joy, intention, vision, alignment, and love this week.

Episode 67 “Possessing The Secret of Joy”:

Episode 69 with Stephanie Rolon:

Meaning of number 70:

My Seven Things To Remember When Manifesting Your Dreams: 

  1. Intention takes a lot of cultivation
  2. Clarity is key
  3. Seek out qualified resources and commit to applying them (give yourself 30 days minimum before giving up)
  4. Don’t let the acceptance of others define the direction of your dreams and/or life
  5. Invest in yourself
  6. Celebrate every win and acknowledge and learn from every failure
  7. Just start

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