Recaps and Revelations

Recaps and Revelations

Hi everyone!
It’s recap time. Let’s discuss episode 8-13. Hopefully, you find some inspiration to check out a few of my previous episodes. Here are the notes for this episode below (including my social info). Let’s grow on the journey together! Love and prayers until we chat again!

Meaning of 14 in Numerology: Angel number 14 is a unique number which is associated with knowledge, travel and exploration of unknown territory, and the 9th house in the horoscope (tendency to learn, study, personal growth). Number 14 represents the intense energy that needs to be properly directed.


Episode 8: Traveling and Finding Gratitude During The Coronavirus:
This episode was about my trip to the United Arab Emirates and the need to find patience and gratitude during the beginning of the Coronavirus.

Episode 9: The New Normal:
The Coronavirus has taken hold, and we’re all getting used to our “New Normal” of social distancing, working remote, and trying to stay positive while managing it all.

Episode 10: The Process of Adaptation:
In this episode, I explore how we’re forever going to be changed by this pandemic and begin thinking about how to move forward. Plus, is this a time to look at tapping into our “gifts”?

Episode 11: Finding Joy and Adulting:
In this episode, I share the things that are bringing me joy.  Plus, I bought life insurance that was through work. Have you bought non work-related insurance?

Episode 12: A Time for Resurrection and Revitalization:
It’s Easter Sunday, and we’re going through a stay at home order. Let’s talk about the Resurrection, and how this is an opportunity to renew ourselves mentally & physically.

Episode 13: Spread Love, it’s the Brooklyn Way:
There’s a lot of talk about finding love during this time. Is this a great time to find love? Will it be built on the right foundations through social distancing? I also share some of my experiences (names will not be used to shield the stupid ).

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