Right To Real Love

Right To Real Love

This week we’re kicking off “Love on all Levels” month. I’m so excited to welcome Mr. J. Immanuel to the podcast.  J. Immanuel is the host of Right to REAL Love, a dating and relationship show that helps women of faith better understand and interact with men so they can reduce the frustration of not meeting and dating the type of men they desire. New videos are released weekly along with the LIVE show every Tuesday at 7pm ET on YouTube. Additionally, he co-authored a prayer book with his Mom for single women entitled, Manifest Him: Powerful Prayers for Your Future Husband.

J’s Information:
Right To Real Love Website: http://righttoreallove.com/
Right to Real Love with J. Immanuel YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/righttoreallovewithjimmanuel
Episode w/J, “Pastor Patrick, and I( Topic: Why Your Ex Keeps Coming Back): https://youtu.be/I6b-ZqCYptU

Why We Succeed with J. Immanuel: https://whywesucceed.com/

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