The Power in Surrendering

The Power in Surrendering

This week is kind of a part 2 to last week’s episode, “Preparation”.  This week we’re talking about the power of surrendering. Surrendering has been key for me in my seasons of preparation. So, this week I want to share some of the things that I did to make sure I “surrendered” to my purpose and journey. We’re all in a season of preparation to achieve our goals, and I’m hoping these tips will help you achieve what is ordained for you.

Episode 78 “Preparation”:

Definition of Surrender:

Things To Remember When Surrendering On The Journey: 

  1. It’s easier said than done.
  2. You have to constantly guard against distractions.
  3. You have to hold yourself accountable when you’re doubting the journey.
  4. Forgive and acknowledge your fear.
  5. Don’t try to eat the elephant all at once. Try taking it one bite at a time.
  6. Write the vision and make it plain.
  7. Delayed doesn’t mean denied.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Note To Fear From Big Magic:

Pslam 37 (NIV):

SMAART (Specific, Measurable, Aggressive yet Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) Goals:

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